32 Fascinating Photos That Show You Something New

Before the age of the internet, you'd have to visit a museum if you wanted an up-close look at a cool artifact, and some unique photographs just weren't visible if you never came in contact with them. But now you have an endless database of cool and fascinating photos at your disposal, ready to show you something interesting that you've never seen before. Here are 32 of those photos. 

Have you ever wondered what an offshore oil rig looks like before it's built? Well thanks to one photo here, you can see a support base being dragged out to sea by some tug boats. It makes sense that a leg designed to latch onto the bottom of the ocean would be quite long, but that hunk of metal even gives cruise ships a run for their money on size!

Speaking of size, do you know what the heaviest building in the world is? Not biggest, but heaviest? The answer is the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, and it only takes one look at that hulking stone mansion to understand why. Rock is heavy, and that house has a lot of it.

Check out those photos, and 30 other cool pics that are sure to show you something new. 

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