43 Fabulous Randoms for Some Serious Fun

If you're feeling like enjoying yourself, you can't go wrong with these cool pics memes, and tweets. The weekend is made for entertaining yourself as you see fit, and we know you love a good gallery of randomness.

Speaking of entertainment, the entertainment queen Taylor Swift locked down TIME's Person of the Year on Wednesday. Beating out the likes of Barbie and Vladimir Putin, her victory was hardly a surprise. After all, nobody has ever harnessed the power of women across the country quite as she did this past summer with her Eras tour. But along with the award came a puzzling photoshoot that huge Swifties and professional photographers alike found it hard to get behind. 

"Let me just say this shoot has not been deemed a success," the professional photo worker @ipodmacbook tweeted. "It just reeks of the corporate client over involving themselves in a high profile shoot," he continued, "until you end up with the photographic equivalent of a saltine cracker." The first tweet in this gallery jokes about an all black look in the shoot, and it was hardly the only post to do so. For that, and 44 other fabulous randoms from the past week, check out this fun gallery.

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