34 Funny and Fantastic Flicks For Your Enjoyment

A medium-sized batch of fascinating photos, random pics, and funny memes.

The more we are around social media and technology, the more we stay connected to one another and the world. Unfortunately, that means we stay closer to those news stories and world events we would rather not see. Sometimes it can be hard to find that sense of escapism technology promises, and that we all need to stay sane. Fortunately, you can take a look at this medium-sized batch of 37 funny and fantastic pics to distract you for a little while. 

In this gallery, people share funny photos of their pets or other animals, highlight awesome people, or capture amazing images. One such person in this gallery is Jonny Kim, a man who began his career as a marine, went on to become a doctor at Harvard and eventually wound up as a NASA astronaut. Now that is the fun and fantastic journey of an American hero! On a completely different note, you can see a mother from 1897 help pull her child's loose tooth. Modern dentistry is never something I knew I took for granted. 

So take a moment to enjoy this fun photo gallery. Hopefully, it's not pulling teeth. 

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