Friday Morning Randomness: 40 Trending Pics and Meme to Kickstart Your Day

Congratulations, you made it all the way to Friday! To celebrate, you can have a look through these entertaining randoms, and spend as much time with them as your heart desires. 

The world of tech has not wasted any time starting off the new year, and Samsung kicked things off by showcasing its new transparent micro LED display at CES 2024; the first display of its kind. The screen makes it seem like those transparent holographic computers and pads so commonly featured in modern science fiction aren't too far away. The display led to Samsung shares jumping almost 5% on Monday, but there is no asking price for any product with the tech just yet. 

One of the things you could conceivably watch on the screen in the future is the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm which is set to release on February 4th. The 12th season of Larry David's iconic comedy about nothing is set to be the show's final, and as tragic as that is, it will be awesome to watch everybody's favorite complaining hero get one more crack at things. I'm willing to bet it will be pretty... pretty... good. Just like this collection of fun random pics memes and tweets. 

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