Thursday Morning Randomness: 50 Awesome Randoms For When You're Snowed In

If you're like me, then the most snow you've seen in the past two years did absolutely nothing to help keep you home from work this week. But for a lot of the country, huge blizzards and icy wastelands shut down regular activity, and in no sphere was that more publicly clear than in this past weekend's NFL action. 

Last Sunday's matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburg Steelers was eventually moved to Monday after the NFL received warnings from the local government. Videos of Buffalo locals risking life and limb to help clear the stadium of snow in return for some sandwiches were peak western New York and produced multiple meme-worthy moments. On game day, fans descended stadium stairs on the seats of their pants, with snow too tightly packed for any other method of traversing. The Chiefs also played a frigid game, with a victory over the Dolphins in wind chills reaching the negatives. 

In other football news, the Falcons interviewed former Patriots coach Bill Belichick, sparking the return of the 28-3 memes. If you don't remember, the Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit to beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. As one tweet about the interview jokes, "Can you tell us about a time you faced significant odds, and overcame them?" Enjoy these snow-covered randoms

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