49 Memes That Made Us Laugh In 2023

Another year, another nonsensical string of words goes viral.

It’s been a great year full of some of the weirdest memes. This year proved that the internet could create a whole film marketing campaign without a millennial white marketing girlie even having to clock in. It proved that sitcom promotion images on Getty were not safe from viral meme-ing. And most importantly, it proved that if you drop the words rizz, Ohio, “gyat” (not a word btw), skibiddi toilet, and Baby Gronk in a sentence you were well on your way to being to coolest person to a 5th grader.

Outside of image-based memes, some events made the internet a great place to be. Who can forget the week when a bunch of billionaires exploded in a submarine on an excursion to look at the Titanic wreck? The year started with Ariana Debose's performance of “Angela Bassett Did The Thing” at the BAFTAs and it hit its peak when a woman named Tiffany Gomes yelled out in an airplane “That MF isn’t real!” We also had some not-shocking deaths from incredibly old politicians. But the Grim Reaper got Henry Kissinger in time for the new year.

Scroll Down and experience 2023 all over again in memes.

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