43 Fun Random Pics and Memes With Little Context

Social media has never cared about context, so here are 43 fun images without much required. 

Other than the release of the long-awaited trailer for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto VI, the biggest news story of the day would have to be a home in Arlington Virginia that blew up in an explosives display even a Fast and Furious stunt director would be proud of. After a man allegedly fired 30 to 40 flare rounds into the air, police were called to the scene, where they quickly secured a search warrant after the home's owner refused to speak to them. But upon entering, the cops were met with live round fire and retreated. Moments later, the house dramatically went the way of the Death Star.

Miraculously, no police were seriously injured, but it remains unknown whether the suspect escaped or was killed in the blast. It's also unknown whether the explosion was intentional, but considering the suspect's prior actions that would seem likely. Either there's a dangerous arsonist on the loose or the man's body is completely gone; neither option is ideal. But you won't find any mention of that story here. After all, these fun 43 images require little context. 

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