60 Pics From 2023 That Make Us Want to Drink the Panera Lemonade

As seems to be the general trend these days, 2023 wasn't the best year. Wars, natural disasters and political turmoil were only a few culprits that made the last 12 months thoroughly distressing. But in order to move on and start fresh in 2024, it's worth looking back at all the stuff we'd rather forget from 2023. Through photos, here are 60 things from 2023 that make us want to binge Panera's death lemonade. 

For example, this year's Met Gala produced some truly horrifying fashion choices. The invariably chaotic Jared Leto led the way with a full-on cat suit that even the most dedicated furry would be proud of. Sticking with the cat theme, Doja Cat showed up looking more like an Original Series Star Trek alien than anything else. 

On the more serious side, disastrous wildfires in Canada and Hawaii devastated towns and wilderness alike and caused air quality alerts across the hemisphere. New York City was hit hard by the smoke and suffered multiple days of dystopian orange skies. 

It's impossible to show every single bad thing that happened in 2023, but these pics give a decent cross-section of lowlights from both people and the public over the last year. Here are 59 images that make us want to drink Panera's lemonade. 

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