'70s Stoners In Short-Shorts Playing Frisbee In the Park

The history of frisbee is way longer and cooler than you might think. What has evolved into a club at college so that students can pretend they play a sport to go to parties, started out as a carefree but skill-heavy staple of parks around the United States.

Ultimate Frisbee, (football but with a frisbee), began on a New Jersey High School campus in 1968. But although that sport is what we think of when we think of "playing frisbee" today, it hardly cracks the surface of what made the flying disk popular pack in its 70s heyday. 

"Freestyle disc" was as much an art form as a sport, and like skateboarding, players essentially just figured out as much cool stuff as they could possibly do with a disk. Bearing awesome 'staches, the shortest of shorts, and the highest of socks, it's hard to look cooler than these '70s freestyle slingers.

From some of the greatest players the game has ever known, to random people hurling it around the block, here are a bunch of 70s stoners playing disk in the park with a Camero just off-screen. And man do they look cool. 

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