Beginner's Luck and the Curse of 'It's Slow Tonight": 17 Modern Superstitions We Can't Shake Off

When you think of superstitions mostly old wife's tales and odd practices come to mind. For me, I’ve always sat in confusion as to why my grandmother rubbed an egg on my face and hung garlic over the front door. But superstitions are just the weird things older people in your lives do because of “bad juju” and “voodoo.” While there’s no scientific basis for sports fans sitting in the same seat and drinking the same drink for every game or theatre kids feigning to mention “the Scottish play” on the stage, enough bad things have happened to convince them otherwise.

Over on the subreddit r/askreddit, the topic of modern superstitions had some creative answers. Any service worker has felt the dread of hearing a coworker say, “It’s been slow.” What comes next is the rush of all rushes that make you beg for mercy. Again there is no logical reason for these superstitions but the universe loves to play tricks on you.

So throw out your Ouiji boards, spare your mother by walking on smoother sidewalks, avoid black cats and voodoo dolls, and get into these modern superstitions. Take notes if you can and save yourself from the pain this Friday the 13th. 

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