25 of the Funniest Tweets of the Week

This week on Twitter was one of the best in a long time. We started with funny tweets from the Thanksgiving weekend then were hit with all the Spotify Wrapped memes and then later that night Henry Kissinger died. A great way to have the best time on Twitter is for a deeply hated political figure to croak. I haven’t felt this high since Queen Elizabeth was still alive. 

So for all of you who may have missed, here are some of the best tweets from the week. Earlier this week the critic reviews for Wonka were released with raves that confused everybody. Lil Timmy Tim’s Wonka is good? Oompa Loompa Hugh Grant is a cinematic masterpiece. I guess we’ll see when the movie eventually comes out in a couple of weeks. Also, beloved character actor Richard Kind’s Venmo transactions have been released and now the general public knows that man loves a farmers market. Nothing can get in between Richard Kind and buying fruit.

And if those tweets aren’t enough, there's Willam Defoe looking like a child of the Industrial Revolution. There's something for everybody. Scroll down and enjoy one of the best weeks of tweets that the app has had in a very long time. 

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