20 Black Friday Memes Cheaper Than A Flat Screen TV

Black Friday isn’t what it used to be. Back in our youth, Black Friday used to mean something. Thousands of people still turkey-tired would line up outside a Walmart and race for a 20-dollar TV. Nowadays with the advent of online shopping, Black Friday deals are lackluster. Who cares about 30 percent off? That’s basically nothing.

This year Walmart will be closed for Thanksgiving, curbing the early Black Friday shoppers and finally showing some humanity to their retail workers. At the height of Black Friday madness, store workers had to work through the chaos and violence and try to go back home in one peace. Black Friday brawls would go viral every year. If you ever doubted a mother's love, look no further to two middle-aged women duking it out for a PlayStation that will then be credited towards Santa come Christmas Day.

Shopping online seems like the sensible thing to do. But the prices aren't any lower so we may skip the chaos and actually spend time with our families this holiday. Down below are some Black Friday-themed memes to enjoy while going for those Thanksgiving leftovers. 

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