Boss Uses HR to Force Employee Into Working Unpaid Overtime, Gets Themselves Fired Instead

If you're a bad boss forcing your employee to document every single interaction they have with you, just know that it can - and most likely will - be used against you at some point.

That's what happened to one overbearing team leader, who loved to grill her employees over the smallest mistakes, even if they were absolutely exceeding every other goal significantly. As a result, she scheduled a meeting with one employee after hours, which they rightly refused. Other meetings the boss herself was a no-show. "If it's not in writing," it didn't happen," she told the worker after a disagreement. 

Taking the boss at her word, the employee decided to document every single interaction, and every single infraction in writing. Fast forward a few months, and the boss decided to hold a meeting with HR to address a missed meeting. Unfortunately for her, the employee had all the receipts they needed, including proof that the meeting was scheduled to occur after hours. 

Just one day later, and the boss "had decided to pursue new opportunities outside of the company." Sounds like a firing to me. Karma sure is a... well let's just say the Devil is in the details. 

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