Boss Who Dragged Long Time Employee for "Leaving Early," Learns Through Overtime Payments How Many Hours He Actually Works

This bad boss decided to side with nosey co-workers instead of respecting his long-time IT guy. Never mess with the IT guy, especially when he works in the middle of the night. 

Previously, this IT worker had logged his hours in an "in lieu" system. Essentially, he worked a nine-to-five like anybody else but took time out of his normal day to make up for any hours worked outside of the standard workday. As someone technically on call 24/7, from time to time he would field calls at all times of the night, and as a result, often left work an hour or two early to make up for his work at 2 a.m. 

Unfortunately, this didn't fly with a few uninformed sales co-workers, who decided to complain to their boss that leaving early created "bad optics." The boss unfortunately agreed and informed the IT guy that from that moment on, he was to stay in the office as long as everybody else. Seeing an opportunity, the IT guy decided to listen to his boss and began filing for overtime for every additional hour worked, as well as ignoring new calls that came at inopportune times. Needless to say, the boss quickly regretted listening to the sales team, and their recommendations for their IT employee's work schedule. 

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