Burger Flipper Gets Written Up For Saving a Customer's Life

"The GM told me I should have waited until she returned... so yeah I got written up." That's the thanks one burger joint worker got after saving a customer's life. 

During a typical day at work, the employee noticed an elderly woman repeatedly asking to buy a soda, drinking it outside, and returning to repeat the process; despite the restaurant's free refill policy. The woman seemed to be having a hard time understanding her mistake, and combined with her dazed wandering, the worker realized that something was wrong. 

In conjunction with his coworkers, the employee decided to call non-emergency services, and soon a few officers arrived to check on the woman. Ultimately she was taken away in an ambulance, vindicating the worker's decision. Unfortunately, his manager didn't feel the same way and slapped him with a write-up the next morning. Confused, the employee refused to sign it. A few days later, and the restaurant got a call from the woman's family thanking them for saving her life. No thanks to his boss!

Understanding his workplace's ridiculous decision, and unrelated sanitation issues, he decided to quit. Hopefully, his heroic behavior will be appreciated at his next place of work. 

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