31 Odd Celebrity Couples People Still Can’t Get Over

Every once in a while you wake up in a cold sweat and remember “Eric Andre dated both Rosario Dawson and Emily Ratajowski,” or maybe you don't (but I do). The memory of that weird funny man bagging two of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry will stay in our pop culture mind for all of eternity. It’s only fitting that a Twitter user asked their followers which past celeb relationship they simply couldn’t let go of. The responses were equally huge and mind-boggling.

Below are celeb couplings both real and hilariously fake that read like a mad libs game. Madonna and Tupac? Diana Ross stole Gene Simmons from Cher? Earth Kitt had a three-way with Paul Newman and Marlon Brando?! (I highly recommend reading Eartha Kitt’s memoir.) Aside from the troubling revelations, there are some couples that we do remember having a big impression. All the Tumblr girlies remember the time that a love note from Alex Turner of the Artic Monkeys addressed to Alexa Chung was found in a bar and uploaded to a blog. It’s a piece of pop-culture history that frankly should be taught in schools.

Scroll down and learn about the bizarro couplings that happened in Hollywood.

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