20 Christmas Week Work Memes Doing the Bare Minimum

So there are two weeks left in the year and we still have to go to work and be productive? Very unlikely.

If you’re waiting for the holiday break to release you from retail Christmas music purgatory or pointless meetings, we’ve gathered some work memes and tweets to keep you going. Just one more week, until you trade your boss giving you useless tasks to your family giving you useless tasks.

You’ll see down below that everyone just wants to phone it in this week but cruel emails keep giving them more work to do. One TikTok meme gives insight into what everyone is actually doing at their desk (online shopping for the holidays). It’s crunch time and there are only so many seconds in the day to get it all done. A little online shopping on company time doesn't hurt anyone.

So as you pretend to work whether it be keyboard smashing, “organizing” or just walking away from your boss, get into these work memes to make the process even better. 

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