20 Community Note Roasts That Burn With Citations

The liars of Twitter have been down horrendous since Community Notes came into the picture. Before you could confidently tweet something you took zero effort to research and be fine. But now, Community Notes knows the truth and it will broadcast your error to every single one of your followers. We’ve gathered a bunch of hilarious Community Note roasts for you to enjoy and learn all the ways certain Twitter users are idiots.

NFT influencer NFTNick, is still a target for Community Notes, as he continues to flex everything he does not own. This week, it’s a helipad owned by a Helicopter tour company in New York. Community Notes even took an extra step and found the flight he was on through public flight data. Also trending,  was a clearly photoshopped picture of a Golden Girls reboot starring current comedy actresses. Anyone who did get outraged at the badly edited image of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler with gray hair got flamed by both the timeline and Community Notes. The news of Kate Middleton having cancer quickly spurred conspiracy theories. One user even posted a poll asking his followers whether they believed that Middleton had cancer. Then, Community Notes called him a “turbononce” (which is British for d-bag). Don’t worry, Notes did make sure to cite their sources.

Scroll down and watch Community Notes use discord links for sources that another user is a creep.

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