21 Funky DIY RVs to Help You Go Off the Grid

As housing prices go up and up, and job security goes down and down, more and more people these days are electing to just leave it all, buy an RV, and go off the grid. 

Leaving everything behind to live a nomadic life of minimalism can sound quite appealing. Not only is it better for our struggling environment, but it's a great way to disconnect from our consistently downtrodden society. The r/rvLiving subreddit is a community devoted to sharing the ups and downs of living a life on the road, including plenty of fantastic RV renovations and DIY fix-ups. These 21 cool campers will not only get you where you're going, but they do it with the flare of blue-collar engineering that runs this country. 

It doesn't matter if you start off with a semi-truck or Volkswagen Beetle, anything can be turned into an RV if you have the parts and the time, and these 21 people stopped at nothing to create the camper they want to dream in. One of them is even shaped like a Star Trek shuttle pod, how awesome is that, huh? Here are 21 cool DIY RVs for folks going off the grid. 

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