23 'Don't Ask How I Know This' Facts

People usually think you're cool for knowing unique trivia, but some facts inspire a few follow-up questions. These 23 people decided to share their best "don't ask how I know" random facts, with no further context.

For example, one might wonder how somebody knows about the inner workings of a nuclear power reactor, but this person shared; "You have quite a lot of time, certainly more than ten seconds, to turn back on the main pumps of a nuclear reactor once you have accidentally turned them off." Hopefully, this knowledge comes from working in a nuclear power facility. Then again, that means he must have almost cut power to God knows how many people by accident.

Someone else revealed that there is a waiting list to buy a horse mask from a man in Germany who makes them so that people can use them to role-play. That gives a whole new meaning to the term "horsing around," and I'm not sure I'd like to meet the people who do it. 

If either of those sounds weird, here are 21 other "don't ask how I know" random facts that will surely teach you something new and keep you entertained. 

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