Dude Documents His Landlord's Negligence for Two Years Leading to His Ceiling Caving In

A good landlord should be responsible for more than just collecting money from their tenants. And when a serious problem affects their tenants' actual health and safety for over a year, serious action has to be taken. 

Unfortunately, that's the situation that Tom Capon and his roommate found themselves in; putting the landlord on blast for all to see on Twitter. "Two and a half years ago we reported a leak in our living room roof to our landlord," Tom wrote. "He is, both morally and legally, obligated to sort it. He did nothing. In March of this year, the ceiling collapsed."

During those two and a half years Tom's apartment suffered from serious black mold growth and a missing window, with only a poorly patched wooden board "solution" presented, propped up by a stick. Even a call to the local councilor stalled out when TowerHamletsNow declared that it would be too difficult to gain permission for scaffolding. "Would you want your family to live like this? Would you want your son, your brother, your friend, your lover to keep getting sick from black mold?" He asked. "We are people."

Tom's thread has over 4.5 million views. Hopefully, with that kind of public pressure, this incompetent landlord will finally do his job, and maybe face some consequences as well.

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