Clueless Manager Thinks Hourly Employee Is Salaried, Lives to Regret It

Chances are if you have ever worked any type of job, you've had the not-so-pleasurable experience of dealing with a boss or management who just doesn't get it. Typically new hires or people starting a new position will go above and beyond to make a good impression on their new employer and coworkers. The sad fact of the matter is that this extra effort almost immediately becomes the norm or the minimum workload, and then more and more is often expected of you.

This dude was set to become a salaried team member with a hefty raise but was on a probationary period where he was still hourly (with a raise). When an idiot manager forced him to work during his off-time thinking he was already salaried, the guy thought about protesting for a minute before going the route of malicious compliance instead. By the time the dust settles, he's got a massive amount of overtime pay coming his way, and the manager who made him work that long has one foot in the (metaphorical) grave.

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