Employer Calls the Cops on Fired Ex-Employee Trying to Collect Their Last Paycheck

There are smart and dumb ways to get the police involved in an issue, but when you're on the hook for wage theft, trying to accuse your former employee of stealing $32 is probably a bad way. 

This Canadian college student thought he had taken a run-of-the-mill job as a server-bartender, but soon realized things at his new restaurant-brewery were less than functional. After one of his managers quit, he accidentally pocketed $32 dollars in tips; something his former manager had been sorting out for him. No problem, his new boss told him it would be taken out of his paycheck next payday. But after working another two weeks without issue, he was informed that he had been let go. Although disappointing, he was ready to count his losses and move on, except his losses included a paycheck of a measly $15.50 for those two weeks. Partially due to a string of rotating managers, nobody wanted to pay up the difference.  

After filing a claim, he eventually received a call from the police, informing him that he was being accused of stealing $32 dollars. Oh yeah? "I know dang well I made more than $47.50 for those two weeks," he wrote. All that's left now is to show the authorities who really owe who what. 

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