'Most Entitled Person Ever!': Mother Demand Swim Teacher Give Her Kid Exclusive Lessons, and Pay Her for Them Herself

Anyone who has ever worked as a teacher knows how difficult parents can be, but this mother might just take the cake. When this private swim teacher's number was given to an entitled mother, their text exchange became something to remember. 

Out of the goodness of her heart, this private swim instructor gave lessons to underprivileged families for free from time to time. Learning this information, the entitled mother saw an opportunity and reached out to request swim lessons for her son. Had she stopped there, the instructor was willing to give her son lessons for free. Pretty good deal right? Not for this mother. No, she demanded that the teacher start her private lessons that day, and every day moving forward until her child was caught up to the rest of the class. Oh, and because of his anxiety he was never to be around other children. I wonder where his anxiety comes from?

Upon being told no, the mother unleashed a tirade even the biggest narcissist would be proud of. Calling the teacher a nasty and entitled person, the mother went on to point out that as a single mother, her child deserved the free lessons more than any other, and in fact the swim coach should pay her money from the other parents to teach her child. Too bad she lost herself a free swim coach.

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