Every Man's Dream Job is Being a Zamboni Driver

They say that any man is only a few major life events away from moving to Alaska and becoming an ice boat captain. But as the children yearn for the mines, there's a different ice-related dream job that every boy has always wanted; driving the zamboni. 

"When I was a kid," Coffee Lovers and Fans, aka Neil, posted on Twitter, "I wanted to be a zamboni driver so bad. Later met a coworker’s brother who did this and he was basically like, it’s everything you dreamed it could be and more." 

Over 500,000 people saw Neil's tweet, and dozens commented their own dreams of driving the big ice-cleaning machine. Some even shared stories of friends and loved ones who got to live it. "It whips, potentially the most satisfying vehicle to drive," @muffinlab said. 

There's something hypnotic about the slow-moving machine, and @semperposter proposed that every man just wants to "have a job where I drive around in a silly little car." But the zamboni isn't just any silly little car. It's the life ambition I never realized I had, and it's too late for me. 

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