Fancy Friday: 17 Pics Straight Out of the Dumpster

Let's get fancy on this Friday... by checking out some of this week's trashiest pics. Just because you're getting ready to kick your feet up and have a nice relaxing classy weekend, doesn't mean that the rest of the country is gearing up to take things in that direction. 

For one, the holiday of Halloween has the tendency to bring out the worst in some people. Combine forced social interaction with the concept of overfeeding children candy, and you have a formula for some bad behavior. Throw in helicopter parents who think their kid deserves more than others, and the 31st of October can truly turn into a horror show.

Multiple photos in this gallery show trick-or-treaters firmly staying on the trick side by taking all the treats from "treat yourself" front door candy bowls. The scary part is that neither group was young, and one bunch even included the parents. If that's the kind of example you set for your kid, what hope is there for the future? Do common sense and decency mean nothing? A different post detailed a parent arguing with a house for declining to participate. No Karen, just because you're yelling doesn't mean they have candy to give all of a sudden.

Check out those posts, and other fine photos for this extra stinky fancy Friday. 

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