Tuesday Morning Randomness: 37 Fresh Pics and Memes to Kickstart the Day

Now that the Oscars have finished, people everywhere have to deal with their sheltered grandparents who just learned that half of these movies exist... and want to watch them with them. Fortunately, you can give those grandparents the excuse that you have to click through this gallery of fun pics, memes, and tweets instead. They won't know what those are, and they'll have to let you go. You're welcome. 

If they do manage to get you to sit down with them and watch something, just make sure it's not Poor Things. Granted there are lots of movies this year with some seriously uncomfortable scenes for family viewing, even Oppenheimer falls in that category, but none are more uncomfortable than Poor Things. Even the non-nominated Saltburn, with its infamous bathtub scene, is arguably less uncomfortable as a movie. As one Twitter user laments, why did Poor Things have to win so much? Now unsuspecting people are going to watch it. 

Another Oscars talking point came courtesy of Messi the dog from Anatomy of a Fall. After initially being banned from attending the ceremony, decision-makers were faced with the wrath every non-dog-friendly coffee shop in Brooklyn has faced at some point. They let him in. Now check out these randoms before your grandma calls you. 

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