Friday Morning Randomness: 44 Fantastic Randoms to Feed Your Cravings

Congratulations, you've made it to the end of the week! Have these fun pics memes and tweets to celebrate!

Most people are sick and tired of hearing about Stanley water bottles, but seeing as a very specific subset of the population uses them a Lot, their latest update is worth mentioning. You see, it turns out that the massive temperature-maintaining metal jugs aren't just aluminum rubber and plastic, but lead too. That's right, Stanley themselves have come out and admitted that there is probably some lead in just about every water bottle they've ever sold, and people who have bought DIY test kits to test this have had their worst fears confirmed. 

Remember when a Stanley survived a car fire, and everyone thought they were the toughest bottle in the game? Well as one man found out, if you accidentally run over your Stanley with your car, it turns into a flat Stanley. Get it? But in his photo of the crushed bottle, you can see a fully intact and superior Owala water bottle. Owala supremacy forever!

But if you couldn't care less about the great water bottle war, there are and plenty more fun images in this gallery of Friday randoms. 

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