Friday Morning Randomness:42 Randoms to Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Congratulations, you've made it all the way to the end of the week. So why do you still feel down? Is it because work was just a little too much for you? That's okay because we've collected a nice little gallery of fun pics, memes, and tweets. They're sure to turn your frown upside down and usher you into the weekend the right way.

Up until news of the raid on P Diddy's Miami mansion, the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse was understandably the story dominating the national news cycle. While the runaway cargo ship wound up causing the death of multiple construction workers stationed on the bridge, one of those workers survived the ordeal quite spectacularly. After dropping into the frigid water, he reportedly swam all the way to shore. Eventually, he was picked up by emergency services, along with one other worker. But while that worker was transported to the hospital, this one refused service and told them he was fine. Now that's some American blue-collar spirit. 

You can check out a meme on that guy, and plenty more fun pics, memes, and tweets that can improve your mood right here. Just a few hours until the weekend. You can do it!

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