36 Fun Pics, Memes, and Tweets to Productively Waste Your Time

Don't feel bad about wasting time when you're having a good time doing it. Clicking through this gallery of pics, memes, and tweets is definitely a fun way to spend your time. There is something in here for everybody to enjoy, and if you don't think having fun is productive in its own way then you're doing life wrong. 

This gallery features a viral photo of somebody's grandparents heading to the beach in the 1940s. While the image is a cool historical pic in its own right, a second image that shows the grandmother walking with a horse has caused mass speculation regarding the couple's status, the husband's location, and the reason they're even bringing a horse to the beach in the first place. A different photo shows a missile shot from a T-38 Talon, an aircraft now primarily used as a supersonic training jet for young military pilots, although it does possess weapons capability. Needless to say, watching a missile tear off into the horizon is intimidating. 

If you're a football fan - meaning soccer in this case - there is also a snap of a spectacular field in Peru, surrounded by a village and the Andes mountains. I don't even play and I'm itching to kick a ball around on that grass. If those sound interesting, productively waste your time with them, along with dozens of fun memes and tweets. 

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