30 of the Funniest Tweets From Today

From the NFL to house parties, Twitter has been active with plenty of opinions today. (I mean, when isn't it?) So we've decided to throw together a few of our favorites.

On Sunday Night, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in a tightly contested game. Nearing the finale, a crucial Chiefs touchdown was negated by a controversial penalty that had both Chiefs' quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the internet enraged. But while Taylor Swift watched her beau's spectacular play get called back from a suite, most people had to agree that the call, while nit-picky, was the correct one. 

On the opposite side of Twitter, one man seemingly and innocuously proclaimed that house parties should be shoe-friendly, with the host prepared to clean the following day. However, his opinion was met by hoards of dissenters, including many who pointed out the shoe-off general policy currently practiced by many Eastern cultures. One person even responded to the tweet with a map of Asia painted green. We live in a ruthless world, where Twitter's main villain of the day committed no crime other than an aversion to untying and tying his shows. Here are 30 of the day's top tweets. 

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