20 of the Funniest Tweets From Today (November 16, 2023)

Here is your midweek check-in to see if you are getting enough laughs. It’s not looking so good. So for you all too busy to doomscroll on Twitter, we have curated some funny tweets for you to enjoy without opening that awful app.

Here’s what you’re missing; The trailer for Madame Web was released today to everyone’s displeasure. One particular line reading by the film's lead, Dakota Johnson has been getting the meme treatment on Twitter.

Earlier this week the new animated Garfield movie trailer was released and more people are outraged at the news that Chris Pratt is voicing the cat who hates Mondays. If you are anything like me, then Bill Murray is your Garfield purely for the fact that his live-action Garfield movies came out when you were very young and undiscernible of taste. (Still, Chris Pratt is #NOTMYGARFIELD).

This round-up has everything; a post about one gullible Elon Musk fan who bought the Tesla Cyberbeer and gave his review, the new American Girl Coffe Shop set which comes with its own Gen Z Blue Haired Bisexual Barista. 

Enjoy a Twitter experience without the annoying Elon Musk posts in between. 

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