20 Funny Tweets You Missed From This Weekend

The internet moves so quickly. One minute, you’re feeling bad about laughing at a “missing” princess and the next you're bowing down to a GIF of a duck smoking. We’re here to catch you up on all the hilarious tweets from the Twitter timeline that you missed while being chronically offline this weekend.

One user noticed too late during her gasoline-smelling and pink-eyed-flight attendant-carrying flight that she was on a Boeing plane. Now, the seat screen of every flight will be a jumpscare for every traveler who didn't double-check. The explosive Nickelodeon Quiet On Set documentary had many people online discussing the darkness of the entertainment industry. But one user needed to ask one important question; What are they gonna do when the Nickelodeon Time Capsule buried in Florida in the 90s gets opened in 18 years? Truthfully, there might not even be a Nickelodeon channel or the state of Florida by that time. Another meme that went viral this weekend is a GIF of a cartoon duck smoking. Thousands of Twitter users have latched onto this chainsmoking, chill af duck. It’s the closest image of peace a regular Twitter user can recognize.

Scroll down and see two tuxedo cats stand off to the death over a cliff(living room bookcase). 

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