G.O.A.T.S of Their Fields: 20 of the Most Skilled People in History

Who is the G.O.A.T.? It's a debate sports fans have with each other all the time; Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes? Barry Bonds or Willie Mays? Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton? But in some fields, there is no debate, and one person stands alone. These 20 people are masters of their niche, and do what they do better than anybody else. Is it possible they are the most skilled person to ever live? Nobody can ever know the true answer to that question, but it's likely that person is on this list. 

Wayne Gretzky is the undisputed greatest hockey player of all time, and sports fans love reciting his insane stats. Were he to have never scored a goal, he would still have the most points scored in NHL history on his assists alone. He and his brother hold the record for most goals scored between siblings; his brother has four. He holds 61 NHL records and just might be the greatest of any major world sports player compared to his peers. 

Leaving sports, it's hard to imagine anyone more multifaceted than Leonardo Da Vinci. He mastered multiple sciences, sculpting, and painting, and was a prolific philosopher and inventor. The true definition of a Renaissance man, he may have been more beyond his time than anyone in history.

Read about them, and 18 other GOATS in this gallery of uniquely skilled geniuses. 

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