'Herded Five Sheep into the Ocean': Pet Owners Share the Worst Thing Their Pet Has Ever Done

If you've ever referred to your animal best friend as "little s-" then you know exactly the plight these 20 people are going through. Just because we love our pets more than most of the people in our lives, doesn't mean they're perfect. In between the snuggles and belly rubs are noisy play, annoying mischief, and stinky accidents. You know why they say "Let a sleeping dog lie?" Because dogs can be right old rapscallions when they're awake. 

One cat in this gallery was determined to eat his owner's charging cables, no matter what the owner did to try and stop him. Bad flavor rubs, pheromones, distracting toys, and the spray bottle all failed against this feline's determination. "The only result is the funny face he makes while chewing," the owner said. 

One bird owner made more than a funny face when his cockatoo ruined a massive shepherd's pie that was going to last him much of the week. He "treated it like a bird bath," as the owner put it, smothering himself in the warm pie's ingredients. See those stories, and plenty of others in this gallery of people sharing their naughty pets. I'm sure you've got a story or two yourself. 

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