27 History Memes That Caused the Fall of the Roman Empire

These historical funnies may or may not have betrayed Julius Caesar. Well, they're memes, so of course they didn't, but hopefully through them you can learn a little bit about how did. 

Two memes specifically touch on the event, questioning if the fall of the Empire was a tragedy or an inevitability based on the continued corrosion of the government. I'd have to take the side of the latter, although geopolitical fallout in general is never a good thing. As another meme points out, the Roman Empire's influence was beyond vast. 

The title of "princess" is something romanticized and pursued by many in modern culture, but one meme touches on what being a princess actually meant. With marriages so commonly used for power purposes, being a princess usually involved being sold into an arranged marriage to some loser son of a king and hoping you could pop out a son before he inevitably died, was killed, or chose a new and younger bride. 

Yeah, maybe being a princess in actuality wasn't the best thing. 

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