'HR is Not Your Friend': Company Tells Dude Who Was Just Resuscitated From a Heart Attack That He Should Be Back in Office

If you're upset that your job is telling you to get back in the office, you should at least be thankful that you're coming from your own bed, and not a hospital one. That's what happened to one worker after he suffered a devastating heart attack, leaving him momentarily dead and with lasting heart damage.

After being defibrillated back to life, this employee only had to wait two weeks before HR was on his case to return to work. “My doctor says I should have three months of rest," he wrote."HR thinks I should already be back in the office.” According to him he's suffering from extreme tiredness and needs regular breaks or naps. Based on his medical condition, that's not surprising. "My heart now pumps 25% of the blood, while a normal person pumps 60% of their blood." 

HR also demanded that he commute to work, despite a worn personal defibrillator that makes it impossible to drive. And while the Family Medical Leave Act allows him to keep his job for 12 weeks while his medical issues are sorted out, the company does not have to pay him for that time. Oh, and he's able to do his job completely remotely if need be. Why make him come back to the office?

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