'I Asked For That In Writing': Boss Gets Fired After Forcing Factory Employee to Stop Doing Extra Work

"I don't want you doing work outside of your designated title." That's what one factory boss told his best employee, and quickly lived to regret it. As one commenter on the story implied, the boss should have known something was up the second the employee asked for his instructions in writing. 

After quickly proving his skills and working his way up the chain of command, this factory worker found himself in charge of a difficult department. However, after some adjustments, he once again got his new warehouse on schedule; a feat not accomplished by any of his previous peers. However, after helping out a different struggling department on a slow Friday, he was called into a meeting with his boss and told to keep his skills to his own department. After asking for that instruction in writing, he put his feet up and refused to help anybody else who needed it. 

Soon he transferred to a new and better department, refusing numerous pleas to return as the old location devolved into chaos. He told the higher-ups that as long as his old boss was still there, he was never coming back. Well, guess who they fired, and guess who they re-hired at twice the salary? Sometimes it pays to be good. 

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