'I Got Put In a 10k Run': 24 People Share the Worst Christmas Gift They've Ever Received

There is no feeling that matches the magic of unwrapping the perfect present during the holiday season. Unfortunately, not everybody is the best at giving that magical gift, and some are flat-out awful. Nothing is worse than having to grit through your teeth and squeak out a thank you to somebody you never much liked to begin with. 

If you've ever had to open a soul-crushing gift, you might sympathize with the folks in this gallery. From disgusting to flat-out insensitive, these people shared the worst Christmas present they've ever received. 

A beard trimmer on its own sounds like a good present, especially for a hairy dude. But when that trimmer comes pre-used, with some nice little curly additions to the razor, then it's one that's going straight to the trash. How often is a gift so bad that you can't even consider re-gifting it? On the subject of sanitary products, a different man here recounted receiving shampoo. Not great, but not unusable for most people.... except this man is bald. If that's a gift from a known acquaintance then they need a serious check-in on their common sense. If those sound funny, here are 22 other horrible Christmas presents. 

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