17 People Share the Best 'I Told You So' Moment They Ever Had

Is there any better feeling than vindication? We don't always get to say "I told you so" in life, but when a cocky naysayer has their stubborn opinion thrown back in their face, it's like the sweet sweet Gods of Karma finally got their way. 

One person got to say those words to their mother-in-law, after working for her as a regional manager. Feeling that they were grossly underpaid, the manager asked for twice their original salary, claiming that they doubted she could fill the role for less. The mother-in-law promptly denied the request and began the hiring process. Soon she found herself hiring multiple new employees for that doubled salary amount, while still dealing with decreased productivity. In the end, the new hires were found to be committing fraud. Now that's an anti-work, family drama, and 'I told you so' story all rolled into one. 

Speaking of poor management, one principal found himself teaching the most difficult class in school, after illegally creating a "disorders" class to increase test scores among the rest of the student body. When multiple teachers quit, it was up to him to man the class and deal with an inquisitive school board. 

Read about those, and other fantastic times people got to say, "I told you so."

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