Incompetent Hiring Manager Wastes References' Time – Gets Hostile When Called Out

This series of four emails goes off the rails when a hiring manager gets called out for bailing on reference calls. 

When a prospective employee for a company that is mentioned once as "Quadrant" gets an email from a hiring manager, they might think that their job search is looking up. Instead, the message sparks a series of aggressive emails from the manager who makes excuses instead of owning up to their mistakes. 

The first email begins by calling out the prospective employee's references, accusing them of being "unresponsive," and "difficult to schedule a video call with." However, that narrative is quickly flipped on its head when the references reveal that the hiring manager repeatedly rescheduled and no-showed the calls. Not to mention, multiple scheduled video calls for references seems a bit extreme. They're not your employees, and not on your time. 

Ultimately, the hiring manager resents getting called out and tries to hide their actions behind the guise of being a "client first" organization. Really it seems like they're a poorly organized organization. The hiring manager also sneakily changes their language to inform the prospective employee that they are no longer being considered. Not that it matters, who would want to work there anyway?

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