20 Incredible Facts and Photos From History

INCREDIBLE HISTORY is a Twitter user, author, and history enthusiast who uses his social media platforms to share his voyages around the world, examining ancient sites and artifacts. He has a book titled “Enigmatic North America: Legends, Oddities, and Controversial History,” is a big Bitcoin supporter, and enjoys examining his own theories on what he sees, including an interest in "T-shaped" windows, holes, and more. 

This gallery is a collection of some of his coolest photos from the past few months, including many South American sites and ruins. One of the coolest of those has to be the Caral pyramids, which are some of the oldest structures in the world. In what is modern-day Peru, Caral is the oldest known city in the Americas, existing around 5,000 years ago, and its pyramids pre-date the Egyptian pyramids by around 100 years. The well-published fact that "Cleopatra lived closer to modern times than she did the Egyptian pyramids" is even more applicable here. South American artifacts are less publicized than their Eastern counterparts, but boy are they just as cool.

Take a look at 20 awesome places and things from the travels of INCREDIBLE HISTORY. There's nothing quite like being on the ground. 

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