Job Applicant Exposes Interview's 'Nonsense Personality Test' Wasting Everybody's Time

"I haven't the slightest clue what's going on in half of these photos."

That's what the Redditor purpleplatapi had to say about a job interview's required "personality test." Posted by the user u/Errand_Wolfe_ on the r/recruitingh**l subreddit, the series of nine photos is a meaningless mashup of nonsense, that couldn't possibly tell a hiring manager anything useful about a candidate. 

"Applied for a role at a major international private company and received a self-directed video interview to complete along with the most ridiculous 'personality test' I’ve ever encountered," Errand_Wolfe_ wrote. "Pictured are some of the highlights.” 

Including a personality test as part of an interview feels redundant to begin with, and an admittance that the interviewer's skills aren't good enough to properly judge a candidate on their own. But when the personality test is making the candidate choose between things as vague as people waving, yellow lines, and some binders, then the corporate baloney has definitely gone too far. I'd love to know who was responsible for putting together this 31-question, 62-photo slide show - but perhaps the even more baffling question is, who approved it?

Like the commenter, EtTuAriel joked, "I’m more of a bread, smiling man, and colorful shelf. Beware of sneakers plus yellow line, those are dangerous people."

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