Company Asks Woman to Forgo Traditional Salary and Instead ‘Create a Team of Partners Who Are Willing to Support You Financially'

Dr. Tine Rassalle is a former curator and Jewish and Christian history researcher with a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and like the rest of us with less advanced degrees, she is reckoning with the struggles of the modern job market. 

It's hard enough to find employers willing to pay their employees a livable wage, let alone land those jobs, but Dr. Rassalle found something even worse than a low-paying job: A pay-yourself job.

"Just heard back from a job I applied to, letting me know that the job does not come with a traditional salary,'" she tweeted. "Instead, I need to create a team of partners who are willing to support me financially as the source of funding."

While that might be insane, ask yourself this: If you're capable of rounding up a group of people willing to pay you a salary, why then effectively work for free? But apparently, it's not completely unheard of. 

"Common for missions based organizations," @isaacsoon2 commented. 

The job, which is a full-time project manager position for a religious non-profit, apparently claimed it could take up to two years to build a team of supporters before starting in the role. 

"I think they want you to solicit your local church members," Dr. Rassalle stated. But as she put it in her original tweet, "What kind of new dystopian BS is this?"

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