Job Candidate Shares the Most Infuriating Rejection Letter of All Time

Getting rejected from a job application isn't the end of the world. Anybody trying to find a job right now will tell you that you'll receive far more rejections than acceptances, and the way things are trending right now, you're lucky to even get a rejection. A growing percentage of companies will completely ghost you if they decide they don't want you, but even that might be preferable to the rejection letter u/Ethereal_Ardourreceived. "Got rejected... by wizards? Astrologists?" he wrote on the r/antiwork subreddit

"This was a position for Admin Specialist. But.... the [heck]? I am dumbfounded. I have seen anything from 'we want our marketing specialist to be able to lift 100lb' to 'remote dog walker position,' but this is a sight of its own."

In a letter that can be described as whimsical at best, it tries to let Ethereal down lightly by framing everything against a fantasy land. "Let's cut to the chase like a ninja slicing through the silent night." It even tries to comfort him by claiming that J.K. Rowling got rejected. Is she really the role model these days? It's likely that this is a letter from Chat GPT but it seems crazy that nobody would proofread it and see nothing wrong. And what was the prompt?

Yeah, I think I'd rather be ghosted than this. 

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