22 Kirkland-Brand Versions of Celebs

We’ve all been there. It’s a Friday night. You’re three shots deep at your favorite bar when, suddenly, you see him. Is that … Robert Downey Jr.? After a few seconds of staring — or as much staring as your drunk self can muster — you make your way over to the man behind Iron Man, proceeding to introduce yourself.

You try your best to make polite conversation — and not completely fangirl — before working up the courage to ask for a photo with the Oscar winner. 

“Sure!” he replies, letting out a giggle and wrapping his arm around you.

You’re on cloud nine for the rest of the night, flaunting your selfie to friends, strangers and anyone who will look at your phone shoved in their face.

Fast forward to the next morning. Hungover – and still on that MCU high – you open your camera roll to look at your photo of you and RDJ … only to discover he was anything but. 

Stories like these are far from rare. For as long as the internet’s been around, people have uploaded celebrity selfies just to realize they weren’t celebrity selfies after all. 

From a flight attendant posing with “Snoop Dogg” to “Tyler, The Just Created”, Here are 22 Kirkland-brand versions of our favorite stars. 

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