Loyal Employee Gets Asked to Choose Between Pay Cut or Firing – Chooses the Firing and Then Wins Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

This 14-year sales veteran knew what he was doing when management decided to pull a fast one on him. 

Although the salesman had mostly enjoyed his first 12 years working for a specialized delivery company, new management in the unlucky 13th year threw everything off. Changing practices, reducing salaries, and laying off staff meant that everything became more difficult, even with his job unchanged. Eventually, however, they decided to come for him; the only full-time salaried employee left. 

Threatening him with a "gross misconduct" firing, they informed him that he had two weeks' notice; a time frame right after an upcoming important delivery. Instead, he informed them that their options were to fire him immediately for gross misconduct or allow him 12 weeks' notice, as was in his contract. Eventually, they settled for the latter. Little did anyone know, at the end of the 12 weeks, not only did the salesman leave, but so did his replacement. To make matters worse, the salesman filed a wrongful termination suit with a voice recording of his termination meeting. 

Fast forward a few years later, and management had run the place into the ground. Good thing the salesman now has a new and better job, for competent management. 

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