Middle Manager Forces IT Person to Fix His Problem, Not Knowing IT Guy is Working On the CEO's Laptop

If you're going to force an employee to prioritize your problems, it's probably best to make sure they're not already taking care of the CEO's. That's what one middle manager did, earning himself a tough talking to after his show of impatient entitlement.

If there's one thing to take away from this and other similar workplace stories; don't mess with the IT guy. They know how to handle themselves, and how to fix the things you need to do your job. Sitting in his office on a quiet day, one IT guy was approached by his company's CEO to help him fix his personal laptop. Although that went against standard company practice, the IT guy decided to cut his big boss some slack. But after a middle manager approached with his own problem, he became appalled that the IT guy would prioritize a personal item over a piece of company property. 

Not taking no for an answer, the manager forced the IT guy to call the owner of the personal laptop, and grabbed the phone to give them a talking to. Except in a quick slap of instant karma, it was the middle manager on the receiving end of scolding. As the IT guy writes, "The rest of the conversation was 'yes sir' and 'no sir.'"

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