20 Funny Work Memes to Help Cure Your Monday Blues

After a beer-fueled Super Bowl Sunday that was extended with overtime, we aren’t feeling so hot this morning.

We all woke up this morning with a belly full of wings and a curse under our breath towards the NFL. Why is the Super Bowl on a Sunday? Do the sports people know that most people have to work on Monday and don’t necessarily want to walk into work with a hangover and be forced to listen to their coworker's thoughts about Taylor Swift and the Jesus ad at 9 am?

Well, to escape all the Monday morning annoyances we’ve gathered a bunch of work memes. Think of it as a meme prairie oyster, the best part is that you don’t even have to ingest raw eggs. There are memes about reuniting with your coworker bestie again, the allure of being forklift certified, and the best thing your partner can do for you this Valentine's week (call a bomb threat to your place of work so you don’t have to go in).

Scroll down and see the most brain-dead way to cut a cake in an office.

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