'My Entire Department Quit the Same Week': HR Refuses to Give Worker Raise After Entire Team Quits, They Learn His Value the Hard Way

When an employee has a skill that is irreplaceable, it's best to treat them as such. Unfortunately that's not what happened to one Quality Management System expert, who was nickel and dimed into quitting along with the rest of his team, when a simple raise could have done the trick.

The problems stemmed from this company's overbearing HR, who according to the QMS expert "report directly to the owner," and go unchecked as a result. Even before his hiring, salary negotiations didn't go as hoped, but soon the QMS man was dealing with an HR department spreading rumors and lies. After discovering that a former incompetent employee made more than him, he asked for a raise, which in turn was met with a complicated offer that presented as a raise, but was a pay cut in practice. Later on, a new role designed specifically around his skillset was given to somebody else. 

Actions do have consequences, and soon everybody on the expert's team other than his boss had quit. Even then a raise was off the table, so it was time for the expert to quit on the spot too. According to his connections in the company, they now have nobody to manage the QMS system at all, and the company is in shambles. 

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